Children’s Ministry starts with vision. Without a clear vision, ministry becomes ineffective. In this case, without vision it quickly becomes just a program, which might be entertaining or it might not be. It easily becomes a babysitting service to keep the kids away from the adults, and quiet so they do not disturb their program.


Having a God-sized vision brings clarity and makes Children’s Ministry powerful and effective.




What do you see? What do you see right now, and where do you plan to be one year down the road? What is in your heart? What is your desire, your longing for your children? How do you want your ministry to impact their lives?

Here are some of my dreams:

I long for Children’s Ministry to be a place where kids:

  • experience God’s presence
  • can worship wholeheartedly in ways they enjoy
  • are excited to listen to the Word of God because is presented to them in creative ways
  • learn what it looks like to follow Jesus in their daily lives
  • trust and know their teachers
  • find someone who will listen to them and pray for them
  • grow in their relationship with Jesus
  • glorify God

I believe we can provide a place like this. I believe God wants us to dream big dreams for our children, bigger ones than these! I believe He wants to open our eyes to see new opportunities. This is exciting stuff!

Are you ready?

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