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From Barriers to Values

This training resource looks at six different barriers in Children’s Ministry, and the values we must put in place in order to overcome those barriers. Barriers include “No Relationships”, “Church is Boring“, “Poor Presentation” and “It’s Just a Bunch of History“.

I have used this training module with new volunteers in our church to explain “why we do what we do in the way we do it”. I have also used it to train teachers from other churches in a variety of settings: in cities and rural areas, small and large churches.

I remember one time when we did this training in a remote place in Ethiopia. As we talked about learning styles and how to make sure children with different styles will all be able to learn in ways that work best for them, the leader of the church said, ‘Why don’t we know this stuff? Do other churches know all this? This is important stuff! It will change how we minister to children.’

Download for free: From Barriers to Values

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