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Family Devotion: God’s Creativity

From: He Loves Me – Family Devotions

 Read: Genesis 1:20-25

On the fifth day God created the birds and the fish. Have you ever noticed how many different kinds of birds there are? God made each of them ‘according to their kind.’ They are all so different! They have different colours, sizes, and even their eggs look different. Each type of bird has a beak that is designed for the type of food they eat. They all make nests, but there are many different types of nests. Somehow, each kind of bird knows exactly how to make the type of nest that is perfect for their environment! Many birds migrate in different seasons. They travel to places where there is food and weather that is good for them. Birds don’t have passports, compasses or maps, yet they know exactly where to go! God had a specific design for each of them.

Jesus said in Matthew 10:29 that God sees the sparrows, and not one of them falls to the ground without God knowing about it. God knows all the details about everything. He knows each animal and each person in this world! If you start to look at the tiniest details in the world, you’ll never find a thing that God doesn’t know. He knows everything! Isn’t that amazing?

  • Go have a look at some animals, and carefully look at the details on its body. How many details can you find? List them all. God created those details!

Thank God for being the Creator of all the birds and the fish. Thank Him for caring for us more than for the birds of the air.

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Devotion: God’s Word Power

From He Loves Me – Family Devotions:

God’s Word Power

Read: Genesis 1:1-19

Have you ever made something? Maybe you have drawn a picture or built a toy.  How did you feel about making it? Did you enjoy making it?   God made everything in the first six days of creation. Today we read about how He made light, the sky, water, land, plants, the sun, the moon, stars, day and night.

Whenever we make something, we need to use things. For example, if we want to draw a picture, we use our hands to hold a pencil and create something on a paper. But when God makes something, He does not use things that are lying around. Instead He uses His Words. He speaks, and it happens. It always does. God is so powerful, that His Words make something out of nothing. He does not make just simple little things like the pictures we draw, but instead He makes big things like the sun and the sky. When you draw, you may have to erase some things and try drawing it a few times before you get it right. But God never makes a mistake. We just read that each time God made something, He took a look and saw that it was good. God makes good things!

God’s Words are powerful.  When you read God’s Word, the Bible, you can be sure that the Words in the Bible are true. You can trust what it says. His Words are so powerful, that they created the world and the heavens! He gave His Word, the Bible, to us so that we can know Him. Even though He is so incredibly powerful, His desire is that you know Him!

  • Take a look around and name the things you see that God has created. What are some of the most amazing things God has created?

Give thanks to God for all the things He has made! Thank Him for His power and that His Words are powerful.

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