Here is what people say about Reach Out Kids Children’s Ministry Curriculum:

“This Sunday School curriculum is completely worked out into details. But not boring for a second! There is something new every time. It will be hard not to have the children and yourself enjoy it.”

Gerard van der Wal – Ethiopia


“It’s packed with full of sources and fun ideas. As a Sunday School teacher, I enjoyed preparing the lessons for the kids using these books. We will be able to use it for all kids with any background. Personally, it amazes me to see auther’s natural way of approaching kids with the strong truths from the Bible and encouraging them to memorizing scriptures by heart. Great job Jacoba! Wish you to continue exploring treasures for kids.”

Ruth Arokia – Ethiopia


“I have worked with other big curriculum and appreciate this one because it uses items found here in Ethiopia and is in depth enough for many ages together.”

Allison Turnbull – Ethiopia

2 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. This curriculum is absolutely excellent!!! It is presented in such an exciting and engaging way that it totally captures the children’s attentions, enabling them to really understand the lessons. It is also great that it can be applied to children from different backgrounds. It was wonderful using it to teach the kids about God and the bible.

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