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Reach Out Kids wants to reach children with God’s powerful, beautiful, transforming love, so they can reach out with His love to those around them.

Reach Out Kids wants to encourage and inspire children’s ministry workers. We want to see the vision for kids grow wider and deeper all over this world, so that more and more passionate people will rise up – people who will reach out to the children, so that room will be made within churches and outside churches for children to walk in all that God calls them to do. We want to see children grow in their friendship with God, a friendship deeply rooted in His love, in a knowledge of His Word and through His Spirit.

In order to see this happen, we want to provide training and resources to the Body of Christ so that adults will know how to facilitate this for the children.


Jacoba Krul

God put this strong passion in my heart to reach children inside our churches and outside, in Ethiopia, in Africa and beyond. So often Children’s Ministry is undervalued, underestimated and overlooked. Yet, I believe our children are the greatest treasures – not because they are the future, but because of their faith today, and how God can use them, if we give them the opportunity. The Kingdom of heaven belongs to them! It’s not the children who should ‘act’ grown-up, it’s the grownups who should be like children!

In 2008 God gave me 3 words: vision, resources and training. I have been working on those three things ever since then – casting vision in church and in training sessions with people from other churches, creating resources for our church and other churches, and training people in different places.

What a fantastic journey it has been! It always excites me when people discover how much they enjoy being with the kids, how God speaks to them and the kids as they minister to one another, and when they see how amazing God’s Word is as we do storytelling exercises. It is such a beautiful privilege to share these captivating Bible stories in creative and fun ways with the children, helping them grow in their understanding of who God is, and how they can apply the truths of God’s Word to their lives. May we all grow more and discover more about God and how He reaches out to us, so we can reach out to our children and teach them how to reach out to those around them!

I’ve been involved in Children’s Ministry since 1996 in The Netherlands, Canada and Ethiopia, in cities, towns and rural places, with children and teachers from many different backgrounds and people groups.

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